The Project Ecosystem
Join Jeanette Cremor as she shares her model to help your team understand the fundamentals and elements required to experience project success.

What is The Project Ecosystem?

The Project Ecosystem is a series of workshops and an online learning program for Project Sponsors, Project Managers, Project Teams and organisations wanting to improve their project management practices.

The Project Ecosystem represents

The key fundamentals and elements of thinking, planning, delivery and transition of all projects in all organisations:

  • The Lifecycle – Strategies, Projects, Operations
  • The Drivers – Change, Capabilities, Information
  • The Attitude – Decisions, Collaboration, User Experience
  • The Solution – Process, People, Technology
  • Leadership

A fresh approach to Project Management

About Jeanette Cremor

For over 20 years in roles from Project Support Officer to Program Director, she felt there was always something missing in why, what, who, when and how projects were being done.

Her model enhances project management practices by incorporating the missing pieces for what she discovered where the key ingredients to shape project success.

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